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Type: Residential
City: Alva
Price: $55,000

Type: Residential
City: Alva
Price: $115,000

Type: Residential
City: Alva
Price: $125,000

Type: Land
City: Alva
Price: $25,000

Type: Commercial
City: Alva
Price: $60,000
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Cris Campbell Realty L.L.C. began business in 2017 when it was purchased from Pat White.


How would you like a guaranteed sale?


Cris Campbell Realty, L.L.C., and we will do property assessment and determine the market value of your home. This is based on the price of current properties listed for sale and the record of properties that have sold in the recent past. We will make as accurate assessment as possible and tell you what the market indicates your home will bring.

Then we will discuss trends, interest rates and the actual availability of home loans and how it affects the sale of your property. Right now, there are a lot of great loans at really low interest, but they are getting harder and harder to qualify for the money, so lenders are lending less. That’s OK, we work with a variety of loans and lenders and we work closely with buyers to help them find the financing to purchase a home.

Now we are offering a new option. If it suits your needs, we will list your property at market price, and if it doesn’t sell, we will buy your property at the agreed price. That is a guaranteed sale!

We are committed to helping Alva Residents get the best deals possible when buying or selling property and we are willing to back that up. Give us a call and let’s discuss your property needs.

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